Junk Silver Coin Values

The table below shows the value of the silver content of various coins commonly sold as junk silver. Some coins such as the briefly issued War Nickels contain 35% silver, some coins like the 1965-1970 Kennedy Halves contain 40% silver, while most junk silver is comprised of 90% silver coins. To determine the value of the silver content, junk silver should be divided into various groupings based on the percentage silver content.

All silver value figures are based on $30 per ounce silver. To determine the actual silver value, multiply the silver weight by the current spot price of silver.

CoinSilver ContentSilver WeightFace ValueSilver Value
1942-1945 War Nickels35%0.05626 oz.$0.05 $1.69
1916-1945 Mercury Dimes90%0.07234 oz.0.10 2.17
1946-1964 Roosevelt Dimes90%0.07234 oz.0.10 2.17
1932-1964 Washington Quarters90%0.18084 oz.0.25 5.43
1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half90%0.36169 oz.0.50 10.85
1948-1963 Franklin Half90%0.36169 oz.0.50 10.85
1964 Kennedy Half90%0.36169 oz.0.50 10.85
1965-1970 Kennedy Half40%0.1479 oz.0.50 4.44
1878-1921 Morgan Dollar90%0.77344 oz.1.00 23.20
1921-1935 Peace Dollar90%0.77344 oz.1.00 23.20
1971-1976-S Eisenhower Dollar40%0.3161 oz.1.00 9.48